Distributed data privacy

Rockchain brings your private data and the public blockchain together.

We provide distributed access rights management orchestrated on the public blockchain.
The right to download, to update, and to execute selected javascripts that do not leak private data.

Rockchain – The Data Privacy Protocols

1. Distributed access rights decided by the consensus

2. Privacy preserving easy programming (Javascript !)

3. An API to create some "DAPP" on top of your P2P client

Rockchain use cases

Rockchain is a distributed network and APIs working with the Cosmos Network blockchain making privacy-ready DAPPs possible.

Companies consortiums

Companies want to share content but do not agree on a central governance entity.
  • Share files between companies with no central authority and prove the data transfers.
  • Aggregate data while respecting data producers: only the aggreagation is public.
  • Transfer document ownership from one entity to another.
  • Search for document metadata in distributed networks.

Distributed access rights in central web applications.

The server remains centralized but content and access rights are distributed. Content remains private if its owner decides to block its access.
  • Distributed survey services with notarized results
  • Distributed "slack-like" services with no central authority
  • Distributed social media platforms.

Powering blockchain infrastructure for content distribution logic

Blockchains want to have a "bittorrent" like plateform but with access rules totally managed by the smart contract logic.
  • Define content access policies in your own smart contracts.
  • Define private tests on private data stored on Android devices.

Join the Rocket.Chat community

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Privacy-enabled distributed applications trusting Rockchain

Current projects building their distributed applications on Rockchain network


Personal Genomics Analysis DAPP

Perform genomics medical tests on android devices. Do not store the user DNA file, as you are not entitled to own his inner identity secrets.
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Rockchain mailing list
Rockchain mailing list