Distributed data privacy

Rockchain brings your private data and the public blockchain together. In a rock solid way.

Rockchain enables distributed applications on the public blockchain to perform calculations, collaboration orchestration and machine learning on local private data.

Rockchain – The Data Privacy Protocols

1. A data firewall that can filter both computations and data

2. Unlocking the Blockchain potential for enterprise usage.

3. A data routing protocol based on Cosmos Network

4. dAppbox in Alpha Version, already deployed on some customers sites.

Rockchain use cases

Rockchain is a distributed network and APIs working with the Cosmos Network blockchain making privacy-ready DAPPs possible.

Automating companies collaboration

  • Shared R&D coinvestment programs
  • Consortium data governance
  • Internal data flow governance
  • IT infrastructures: Distributed datalakes, access rights on remote data flows
  • Microservices: Invoicing on data facts

Ecosystem & Governance

  • Health services ecosystem: DNA file analysis, medical imaging, biofeedback measures
  • Financial data regulation: risk measures without revealing financial strategies
  • Advertising: peer to peer advertisement networks
  • BI on the blockchain (Peridot Intuit Edition): real time BI dashboards on the public blockchain and Rockchain data
  • Distributed machine learning (Peridot Intuit Edition): learn data clusters from private and distributed datasets

Consumers privacy-centered applications

  • Privacy strict social apps (dating sites with privacy-preserving matching, search on demand for blog content)
  • Privacy preserving robo-advisors (mortgages, loans, personal savings, robo-traders, health advisors, psy-advisors, online game advisors)
  • Media content distributors: Define you own pricing model and govern your audience

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Privacy-enabled distributed applications on Rockchain

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Personal Genomics Analysis DAPP

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